John Hill Resignation as VFAC Coach after 34 years of Service

We wish to inform club members and members of our community that VFAC coach John Hill has chosen to resign from his position as club coach. After discussing this with the executive committee, we regretfully accepted his decision and thank him for his years of valuable service and leadership to the club.

John was a founding member of VFAC in 1987 and has been club coach since that time, over 30 years. We wish him the best in his future endeavours and he will always be thought of as a valuable member of the club.

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a lot of changes in our club (and the world) over the last year. But the positive changes the club has made to adapt to members’ needs, and the current vaccine distribution process, I am confident VFAC will be able to continue to thrive and build on the legacy of John’s contributions.

Nicholas Browne

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