The term “coach” refers to the person who directs the improvement or refinement of running performance, and a good coach can answer the question, “Why are we doing this workout today?” A good coach produces beneficial reactions to training, creates positive race results, and transforms the athletes he or she brings into the program into better runners. Nothing can replace the encouraging comments or understanding words of support from a quality coach.

john-hill-01VFAC is lucky to have that good coach in John Hill. An inductee in the BC Athletics Hall of Fame, with over 30 years spent in both competitive racing (he won the Vancouver Marathon in 1978) and coaching (a fully certified NCCP Level II coach, with a minor degree in Kinesiology from SFU), John brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the club.

John’s program is based on some of the most successful methods of distance running. In designing the system, John incorporates the basic principles of training, the specific demands of the events being trained for, the types of training that confront these demands, and how to mix different types of training and racing into an overall training scheme.

As coach, John brings out the best in an athlete both physically and mentally while serving as a supporter, a mentor, a friend and a psychologist.

Each individual is given a training program with specific time targets for every workout completely tailored to their ability, fitness level and desired goals. Weekly workouts with the club, under the watchful eye of John, ensures your program will be modified and fine-tuned on an on-going bases.

Whether you are a recreational, competitive or elite runner, John will develop a program that will increase your running strength, efficiency and speed.