Membership fees for VFAC are broken down into three separate parts:

  • Club dues ($55 per year)
  • BCA membership (varies, see below)
  • Coaching fees ($200 per six months, or $15 per workout session)

VFAC Club dues for 2018 are $55 for new memberships and renewals. Members joining after August 31st of the current year will receive an extended membership that lasts until the end of the following year. In addition to helping pay for the costs of running the club,  your membership also includes discounted club clothing, subsidies for our Christmas party and food at club meetings, which are held every two months.

VFAC is an affiliated club of BC Athletics (BCA) and as a requirement all individuals wishing to become a member of VFAC must also take out membership with BCA. There are various membership options with BCA, however most VFAC members join as Road & Trail ($52.50). To be eligible for BC Teams selection or athlete funding, you must apply for either the Senior BCA Membership @ $94.50 (ages 20+), or the Masters BCA Membership @ $63 (ages 35 & over). An alternative is the Non-Competitive Athlete Training Membership for $15.75.  For further information regarding the various options and benefits check out the BCA membership page.  Club and BCA dues are based on the calendar year beginning January 1st to December 31st, but like club dues,  members joining BCA after August 31st will receive an extended membership valid from the application date through to the end of the following year.

Coaching fees are $200 for 6 months. This includes access to two group workout sessions per week, a personally tailored training plan and unlimited access, by phone, e-mail or in person to our coach, John Hill. Alternatively, members who feel they will only occasionally be able to attend workouts can opt to pay a drop-in fee of $15 per session. Coaching fees can be paid by Online payment or cheque payable to VFAC, and given to John Hill.

Register on-line with PayPal for VFAC Membership and BC Athletics Membership here.
Register off-line with cash or cheque by filling out the VFAC and BC Athletics Membership Form and presenting them to Rick Horne.
Coaching fees can be paid online here after logging in.
Registration related questions my be directed to Rick Horne.
Technical questions may be directed to Will McKechnie.


Your commitment as a member:

  • Show up on time to workouts – if you are going to be late for a park workout call John Hill and find out where to meet the group in the park as this saves unnecessary waiting.
  • Be respectful and courteous to other members. Our membership is a colourful considerate group and remember: everybody is welcome.
  • Keep club and coaching fees and your contact information up to date. If are having financial difficulties please quietly discuss this with one of the board members, as an arrangement may be able to be worked out.
  • The club requires you to volunteer at both club hosted races. You may run in one or both of the races, but if you are running an outside volunteer must be provided to help with the race. To be eligible for Club sponsorship at Nationals, and Relay entry subsidies, this is a requirement.