Another 3 Races, Another 6 Top-3 Finishers

As an appropriately impartial coach, it was a good thing I was away on the weekend, as it made it easy to decide which of another 3 VFAC- dominated races to attend…..none of them!! Actually, a bit of a shame, as many deserved full support. To start things off, Simon and Katrina Driver won the mens and womens overall titles in the Iron Knee 25K (Half Knacker) Trail Race, each winning $300 in the process. Simon beat Ryan Bremner by 2 1/2 min in a very good 1:33:46, while Katrina had only 6 men ahead of her at 1:42:57, 9 minutes up on the next woman (Nicola Gildersleeve). Indefatiguable Lilian Wong won the W50-59 in 2:22:14 and was 130th of the 317 finishers. At the hilly Shaughnessy 8K, Paul Krochak finished 3rd overall out of 320 in 27:21, 1:07 behind winner Jamie Epp. Ernest Hawker was 10th overall in 28:52. Following Nancy Tinari’s winning 29:58, Laura De Munain just missed second by a second in 31:52, while Katherine Moore was next in 32:46. More importantly, each picked up valuable Timex Series points, to continue leading the W35-39 and W30-34 divisions (sorry Katherine, we know you’re not really 30….yet). Finally, at the PMC-Sierra Science Fair 5K, we would have had 1-2-3, if winner and 2004-6 VFAC member Roy Millen had rejoined (how about it, Roy?). However, right behind his winning 16:32 was Jeff Lopes, back into racing with an excellent 16:36 PB. Next was new member Brian Devereux in a 17:36 PB (watch out for those ex-Waterford lads!). Todd Heintz also ran a good 19:56 on the flat False Creek course, to finish 25th amongst the 742 finishers. Next time I’ll have to get off the fence!
One comment on “Another 3 Races, Another 6 Top-3 Finishers
  1. Scott says:

    I would like to add not only did Simon and Katrina win but they broke course records previously held by Colin Dignum 2005 (1:35:03) and Meghan Day 2004 (1:46:11).


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