VFAC full membership allows members to attend as many coached group workouts as they wish throughout the year. Currently, coach Kevin O’Connor is offering 2 coached workouts per week, alternating between track workouts and interval workouts done on road and trail.

Whether you are interested in middle to long-distance running or multi-sport; an elite competitor, competitive amateur or a recreational runner, VFAC will challenge you with supervised workouts that will see improvements in all facets of your running. Training in a supportive and encouraging environment is one of the club’s principal goals.

September 2022: Club group workouts are currently offered two times a week: Wednesdays at 6:30 PM and Saturdays at 9:30 AM.

Interested in joining VFAC? You are invited to join us for 2 free trial workouts before making your decision. *In order to participate in club workouts, you need to have basic insurance coverage through BC Athletics ($15.75 – good for the entire year). Contact Coach Kevin O’Connor to arrange trial dates and insurance coverage.

Last but certainly not least: after workouts, many members go for either coffee/breakfast (Saturdays) or beer/food (weekdays) at local establishments. As well as a chance to relax and socialize with other club members, it’s also an opportunity to discuss your training with the VFAC coach.

Some of our popular workout locations are:

  • Stanley Park (trails & seawall)
  • Memorial South Park Track
  • Jericho Beach Park
  • Quilchena Park
  • Queen Elizabeth Park & Hillcrest Park

The map below shows some of the locations where we meet and also where some of the various workouts start. Just click on an icon for a description.

View VFAC Stanley Park Locations in a larger map